Back to regular service with my regular blog. I AM going to keep this because YOU NEVER KNOW what might happen again. BUT, my regular blog is back in service so now all is back to normal!

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    My new reaction gif when I see Joke or Foolery on my dash

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    I Miss them 

    They are right here though!

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  7. Lawd NO! I see snow.

    I HATE winter. I really do.

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  8. I’ll just leave this here…




    "Many people’s exes are nightmares, and many people’s present spouses are nightmares (men and women included)."

    -Tony Goldwyn, ABC Scandal Spreecast, 2 May 2013.

    What I love about this statement is that today is the 11th of November and he has yet to say something like, “not that I would know”, “…and many people’s present spouses (mine excluded) are nightmares” or “so I have heard and seen in other relationships.”  That’s what got me with this statement.  He has yet to correct himself or fix the statement to reflect his publicly known marriage in a positive light.  

    While I’ve always believed in and supported Terry, it’s statements like this and many others that validate my belief and continue to garner my support for them. Who would have thought that when I came to Scandal to watch an intelligent, formidable, powerful and awesomely dressed woman solve problems that I’d stay for Terry.   

    Thank you, fite-ingscandalitis.


    (and great photo on your sidebar)

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    Don’t forget!

    Tonight KW is expected to attend the Glamour Women of the Year Awards tonight. We can expect to see KW give an interview to Jenny Hutt for OMGinsider on the red carpet.

    This shall be interesting…


    Ok then.

    So is said hubby going to b on her arm tonight. R just show up for the after part again. Y’all know he got a lot of time on his hands now that he is unemployed.

    eaudrey lol!!!

    if he does show, it will be straight theatrics … lol so i will find out from here how it all went tonight.  i will enjoy my marterrys this evening as usual lol. :)


  10. Hey all…announcement


    So just asking for a little prayer, if you pray. I’m really starting to like you all (though I don’t know many of you well yet) and… Unlike KW, I talk about my personal life to an extent. :)

    My husband and I just found out we are expecting. We are thrilled, but I have a history of stillbirths and miscarriage. So I am a little apprehensive, even though a child is what I’ve always wanted.

    Anyway, I was wondering if my followers would just keep me in your prayers, as I am losing my mind with worry. I am roughly 1 month along. :)

    Thank you & much love

    Prayers sent, for sure!

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